Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Faith 21

Faith 21 is a sub brand of Forever 21. It is a junior plus size clothing store for women. This campaign was created as part of an IMC program, which included posters, print ads, guerrilla, Smart phone apps and POS advertising.

The idea for this campaign was based on the ideology from the 1950’s where women were considered beautiful with a curvier frame. It also speaks to fashion trends, which often go back in time in order to stay fashion forward.

Tide Liquid Detergent, 2X concentrated, 64 loads.

Laundry Detergent isn’t on the top of a man’s shopping list!
These ads were created to appeal to a male audience. The 1st ad illustrates the number of washes per bottle (64 loads) and the 2nd shows the strength of the detergent (2X concentrated).

Yuban Coffee

This product needed to be re-branded to a younger audience.
Who better than college students who need more than just an average cup of joe to keep them going all day and night? The idea behind the ad is that the caffeine content in Yuban is so high that it punches through the metal cup - so just imagine what it does to your morning?


The goal of this project was to create an all-type poster for a typeface.
Bauhaus, are both a typeface and an architectural movement. I chose to use an interpretation of the architectural style created with the typeface to promote a documentary on the movement.

Starbucks Coffee Shop

Starbucks for most people has always been a ‘run in- grab your coffee and head out’ kind of place. So, the objective with this campaign was to encourage women to spend some time in the store and take in the atmosphere while they enjoy their coffee.